Toegang leden de Dolfijn

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Informatie schoonspringen

voor springers, ouders en belangstellenden

Requested rooms logies + breakfast

This is just a pre reservation, as soon as hotelprices are known, we will inform you and ask for a confirmation,
only after your conformation and payment of the requested rooms the rooms are booked final.


When sending us this registration form, you agree to the following terms and conditions.


Registration fee

All entrance fees will be paid in full at the latest on the 1st day of the event.


Photo/video registration and publication policy

During the Amsterdam Diving Cup pictures and videos will be made. Visitors and participants of this event can reasonably expect that general photos and atmosphere photos and videos will be made in which they are visible.The Amsterdam Diving Cup and the media can use photos, footage and such, made during the competitions and the event for news, atmosphere pictures and promotional items of the event and the diving sport. It is not to be used for commercial advertising purposes. For that purpose permission must and always will be requested. It is forbidden to film and to take pictures in the changing rooms.